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The Reggae Arte project promotes the reggae culture by broadcasting musical titles with its webradio. Currently nearly 500 artists or musical bands are broadcast from a regularly updated catalogue of 25.000 songs, especially with the Oldies, Roots and Dub sequences, a daily hour of Brasilian reggae as well as the Agent104 playlist on Thursday at 9 p.m. And also Arte's favorites that we call RT Prefers. 
Year 2022 program schedule   (see below)

Our thematic sequences 

- The Oldies which we could also call Goldies. The golden years of reggae from 70s to 90s

- Roots Music, roots reggae as we like it

- Reggae Latino with artists from Brazil or Latin phrase

- Dub Music, the specificity of instrumental reggae and musicians seeking style

- Reggae's Legacy, the historical heritage of reggae. Ska and rocksteady from the 60s

- Ladies Time, the female voices of reggae

- French Touch, the dynamics of French hexagon artists

- Before the Party, escapades and musical bridges with funk, soul music for a lounge and funky saturday evening

Broadcasting is set to Paris Madrid GMT timetable

Arte Prefers 

Discover every week a song is chosen by the producers
Broadcast from 9 am to 7 pm  Monday to Friday

This week  

 Iya Terra 


 Ganja Must Burn

Broadcast platforms

Reggae Arte Radio is broadcast by Apple TV, Fire TV (Amazon) and also available on SonoS connected speakers.
List of the main online broadcasting platforms for listening to Reggae Arte Radio.  Click on the smiley below 

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Radio Shaker   😀   😀 

Radioline   😀 

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